The Difference Between Ultrasound Gel and Ultrasound Lotion

The Difference Between Ultrasound Gel and Ultrasound Lotion

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An ultrasound uses diagnostic imaging to visualize internal organs, muscles and other soft tissues beneath the surface of the skin. Sound waves with a high frequency are captured to produce an image that is seen on the screen. This type of imaging is commonly used when a woman is pregnant to see the baby’s development. It is also used to detect any medical issues that may be occurring in the soft tissues or the organs, or for therapeutic purposes.

Ultrasound waves are pulsed into the tissues using a probe or a transducer. The sound waves reflect off the organs or muscles, creating an echo. This echo is transformed into an image which appears on a monitor. It is a safe practice and one that is commonly used in a number of different medical facilities including hospitals.

What Is Ultrasound Gel?

Ultrasound gel is a thick liquid that is used as a medium to help transmit the sound waves. Before the ultrasound begins, the gel is squirted from a bottle onto the patient’s skin. The gel does not cause any discomfort or any harm to the skin but it may feel uncomfortable initially since the gel often feels cold. There are, however, ultrasound gel warmers that can be used to heat up the gel slightly to prevent this uncomfortable, cold feeling.

The ultrasound gel must be used to help carry the sound waves beneath the skin in order to get the best image possible. It is known as a coupling medium, which is a substance that displaces air at the surface and creates an impedance that is close to the impedance of soft tissue. The impedance is the amount of opposition to the sound waves that is created by the tissues.

All tissues have an impedance that is determined by their level elasticity and density. In order to get the best transmission possible of the sound waves the impedance of the tissues and the source of transmission of the sound waves must be approximately the same. If there is a lot of difference in the amount of the impedance, a large amount of reflection will occur.

The proper gel must be used to make sure that there is no air gap between the skin and the transducer that is being used. Even a small gap can mean that there is no transmission of sound waves and therefore no image is produced. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to get ultrasound gel from a reliable and trusted company.

What Is Ultrasound Lotion?

Ultrasound lotion is commonly used for therapeutic ultrasound treatments, such as physical therapy or pain management. Ultrasound lotion is similar to ultrasound gel and acts as a coupling medium. The lotion consists of a moisturizing, rich formula that absorbs easily into the skin when physical therapy or massage treatments are used. It also gets absorbed by the skin upon application.

Unlike ultrasound gel, ultrasound lotion is absorbable. Ultrasound gel simply rests on top of the skin and needs to be wiped off after the diagnostic imaging is done. The gel can be quite sticky and tacky and it’s hard to remove completely. It’s important to get as much gel off as possible before the patient has to put his clothing back on. Although it is sometimes difficult to remove all of the gel, using the product is a necessary part of doing the ultrasound and this small inconvenience is negligible when you consider how valuable the ultrasound may be to the individual’s health. In many instances, an ultrasound can save a person’s life. 

Ultrasound lotion, on the other hand, is fully absorbed during the process and therefore there is no need to wipe it away. Both the gel and the lotion have their rightful places in the field of ultrasound technology.

Therapeutic ultrasound treatments are used as a pain management technique for a number of issues including the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle strain
  • Tendon injuries
  • Muscle injuries
  • Injuries to ligaments
  • Muscle tension

The appropriate lotion must be used for therapeutic treatments of this sort in order to provide the best results.

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It’s important to use the best ultrasound gel in Toronto available for diagnostic imaging and the best ultrasound lotion for therapeutic ultrasounds. Not only do you want to see the best imaging possible but keeping the patient comfortable must remain a top priority at all times. Since both of these coupling mediums will be applied directly to the skin, you’ll need to make sure that they are both high quality and don’t contain any ingredients that could cause a reaction. There are some lower quality gels and lotions available on the market that have been known to cause problems in patients.

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