What We Can Expect from the Beauty Industry, Post Covid-19

Posted October 2nd, 2021

COVID-19 has been a game changer in terms of marking out the path of the future of the beauty industry. People have been isolated for quite a while and as time has marched on, many of the beauty services that would have normally been performed at a salon have become do-it-yourself projects at home. How will this DIY mindset change the future of the industry and beauty product manufacturing?

The Future of the Beauty Industry

It will be interesting to see what unfolds as more and more people get used to doing DIY beauty services at home. At this point we can certainly say that the future is uncertain but we should also be taking a look at the potential impact this may have as time goes on.

Some of the service workers that have been affected in the beauty industry include the following:

  • Hairstylists
  • Estheticians
  • Lash artists
  • Nail specialists
  • Tattoo artists
  • Makeup artists


Most salons have been closed temporarily on a global level and this means that people have had to become less reliant on these professional services. As well, customers have had to look elsewhere to purchase their higher quality cosmetic brands if they were used to buying them in the salons. It’s not known as of yet whether people that were usually buying these items in the past will continue to buy them in the future. There is a possibility that clients have moved away from these higher-end products to try other brands that are more available and less expensive. Only the future will tell how this will play out.

Unprecedented Changes

Nobody could have known at the beginning of 2020 how much the world would change in the matter of a very few months. The challenges being faced by all service workers in the beauty industry, cosmetic retailers and beauty product manufacturing companies are far-reaching. The challenges for the future remain unknown but we can take a peek forward and put some kind of forecasting into place.

According to a new report from Poshly, a data company, approximately 1 million beauty service workers across the United States have been affected by this pandemic. Some have turned to providing digital classes online to people that need help with their DIY beauty efforts. Some people are charging a small amount to people that want to enroll in these classes. This is a great short-term solution but it’s also time to look at the possible long-term changes that should be made.

Digital Beauty Businesses

In order to stay on top of this do-it-yourself trend in the future, companies in the beauty industry should take a look at expanding their digital presence online to remain viable. The trend in beauty has definitely taken a fast turn towards self-care that is budget-friendly. Knowing this, and accepting that it may be a part of the future, is important.

Businesses should take a look at how they can expand online. One way, for example, would be to provide information that is actionable to potential clients instead of emphasizing the promotion of new products. Chats, live streams and online events can be hosted and it’s expected that more people than ever would be willing to pay to learn more about do-it-yourself beauty care in the future.

We must monitor the situation closely as we move forward to see what trends are occurring as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. For more information about beauty product manufacturing and the beauty industry please visit our website at nationaltherapy.com.