Top Beauty Trends for 2020 that you Need to be Watching

Posted October 1st, 2021

The year 2020 is promising to be innovative in terms of beauty product manufacturing with personalized products that feature sustainability. Here are some of the most popular movements to watch as the year moves forward:

Microbiome Skincare
With more and more people searching for “microbiome” (microorganisms inside and on the body) on the Internet, manufacturers of beauty products have stood up and taken notice. Microbiome skincare will be hyper-personalized while factoring in the microbiome’s of an individual. The focus will be on products being able to penetrate to a deeper level, the skin remaining hydrated and the skin also reflecting light better.


Celebration of All Skin Types
In 2019 the world celebrated the introduction of foundation shades that would provide choice and products to all different types of skin colours and types. This year will see a celebration of all ethnicities, ages, skin tones, identities and body types in beauty product manufacturing.


Anti-Pollution Skincare
This is expected to become as popular as skin protection against the sun. Air pollution has become a growing concern and it’s well known that the skin is the largest organ in the body and the main defense against pollutants trying to enter the body. Skin ages significantly faster when exposed to heavy pollution and beauty manufacturers are developing lines of skin care that will help fight the battle against the negative effects of pollution.


These are some of the most popular beauty trends for 2020 that you absolutely need to be watching right now. To learn more about ongoing trends and what’s available right now, please visit our site at We are a Canadian manufacturer of top-quality and innovative therapeutic products that are helping to shape the landscape of beauty products on a global level.